Welcome to the EO Excellence Award 2024

The EO Excellence Award recognises and celebrates innovation and outstanding contributions in the field of Earth observation. This award is a beacon of excellence, honouring the dedication of researchers, scientists and visionaries who have demonstrated unparalleled commitment to the realm of Earth observation.

Following the remarkable success of the previous two editions, the 2024 Award is now open for submissions. As in previous rounds, two winners will be selected: one individual and one team. The exciting news this year is the introduction of a NEW PRIZE – a research grant. The individual winner can receive a grant of up to 35K Euro and the winning team can secure up to 65K Euro. These grants are intended to support and further advance the winners’ specified research.

The successful nominations will be announced in March 2024, following an independent evaluation led by the European Space Sciences Committee (ESSC) of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The winners and their research can expect significant visibility through their participation in this Award and the promotion efforts made by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the ESSC.

The EO Excellence Award is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those engaged in innovative research, from developing proposals for unique satellite concepts to the development of groundbreaking Earth observation applications or tools. Don’t miss it!

Building on the resounding success of the previous awards, I am delighted to announce that ESA is offering the winners of the 2024 edition the chance to secure funding to further their pioneering research in the use of Earth observation – a fantastic opportunity for early-career scientists.
Simonetta Cheli
Director of Earth Observation Programmes, ESA

Who are we looking for?


Your research demonstrates novel approaches and innovations in the field of EO data processing, applications, engineering, or communication.


Your research primarily focuses on European EO Datasets, thereby encouraging international collaboration.


Your research demonstrates a focus on demand-driven solutions that contribute to science, industry, or the society.


Your research opens up new areas and potential in the world of European Earth Observation.

Unveiling Excellence: Behold, Our Prizes!

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The call for nomination opens 18 September 2023 and will close on 15 December 2023

Following the success of the EO Excellence Award in the previous editions, it’s now time to lodge your nomination for someone or for a team that deserves recognition for their innovative use of Earth Observation.

18 Sep - 15 Dec 2023
Nomination period
Jan - Feb 2024
Evaluation period
Mar 2024
Announcement of winners

Meet our Winners

Individual 2023: Susanna Ebmeier, University of Leeds

Exploring innovative and novel approaches to use EO in monitoring volcanic activity, Susanna’s impressive research expands our understanding of volcanic deformation and hazards.

Team 2023: Andreas Kääb, Désirée Treichler, Bas Altena, Luc Girod, and Solveig H. Winsvold, University of Oslo

Providing a solid basis to ESA’s newly selected Earth Explorer 10 Harmony Mission, the Global Glacier Mass Continuity Project has taken significant steps forward in analysing the behaviour of glaciers as a response to climate change.