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Become a supporter of budding researchers in the early stages of their careers and help promote the innovative use of EO technology by submitting your nomination for the EO Excellence Award! Your support and encouragement will boost the scientific excellence of young researchers to the next level.

Process for Nominators

Obtain the consent of the individual/team you wish to nominate under the Award's Terms and Conditions.

Register for the Nomination Platform and provide the following documents and information:
Contact details
PDF Nomination letter (one page)

The Nominee or Team lead will be informed of their nomination via e-mail.

You're done!
Now it's up to the Nominee or the Team lead to complete the nomination.

The call for nomination is open from 18 September 2023 to 15 December 2023

Eligibility criteria for Nominators

Please refer to the information below along with the detailed information in the Terms and Conditions.



Please read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly before starting the nomination process.


Not Eligible

Find the detailed list of Eligibility Criteria for nomination here.

18 Sep - 15 Dec 2023
Nomination period
Jan - Feb 2024
Evaluation period
Mar 2024
Announcement of winners

Find out who the leading drivers of innovation were in the previous editions of the EO Excellence Award.