Winner Team 2023

Andreas Kääb, Désirée Treichler, Bas Altena, Luc Girod, and Solveig H. Winsvold, University of Oslo

Providing a solid basis to ESA’s newly selected Earth Explorer 10 Harmony Mission, the Global Glacier Mass Continuity Project team has taken significant steps forward in analysing the behaviour of glaciers as a response to climate change.

The team measured and analysed changes in glacier thickness with the help of satellite laser and altimetry data, satellite optical stereo data and digital elevation models, which in turn yielded worldwide glacier mass budgets. Their work has also provided new insights into the underlying processes of spatio-temporal variability and instability of glacier flow.

Through their research, Andreas’ team has not only improved our understanding of glacier behaviour, but also ensured the collection of future data by helping to define and justify Earth Explorer 10 Harmony Mission by ESA. The Harmony mission is set to operate in tandem with Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite to deliver a wide range of high resolution observations of motion occurring at and near the Earth’s surface.

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